Al-Rahmah School Educational Trust is a body of invested capital under the control and responsibility of trustees that serves several very important objectives and functions. These are as follows: 
  1. Educational needs of Al-Rahmah School and Nursery.
  2. Funds for essential capital equipment and buildings.
  3. Positions for teachers or special positions that are guaranteed and not subject to the fluctuations in tuitions and the economy.
  4. Scholarships that can be guaranteed every year to worthy students of Al-Rahmah School.
  5. Funds for visiting teachers, speakers and seminars to enrich the curriculum.
  6. Independence from other institutions to simplify administration and avoid conflicts when differences arise between the governing bodies to the supporting institution and the school.
  7. Relieve dependency and the unavoidable differences that arise in running and planning of the school.
  8. Build, over time, a basis for establishing an independent camp with better facilities and a strong faculty.
  9. Provide scholarship for higher education with ties for future service to Al-Rahmah School.
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